On the Inside Design reaches out to men who are first time home buyers or newly single and works with them to decorate and impress guests with the look of their new home.

On the Inside Design founder Jeanine Naviaux shares a few decorating tips especially for the single man.

First of all, the way you decorate your house is a great reflection of your personality. Those who you may be trying to impress will quickly and silently form an idea of who you are after a quick glance at the style and sophistication of your home.

You are not living in the dorms anymore. Clean sheets and towels are a must—no holes, no exceptions. Dinnerware and silverware need not be expensive, but all pieces should match. Brainstorm with your designer over a new sofa and at least two chairs. Size matters. Maybe a loveseat works better than a sectional. Tell the designer what you like and also what you don’t like. Ask a lot of questions. After all, it’s your dime. Have some fun talking about yourself, so that your designer can better understand your taste. Don’t forget that designers are not mind-readers. Communicate. Shake yourself up a bit. Think boldly. Relax. Change is a not a four letter word.

Don’t put a plasma TV over the fireplace. Maybe create a guy room (den) for that.
Put a nice rug in front of the hearth. Learn to cook before you redesign your kitchen; you’ll be amazed at the difference. If you have a view, make it the focus of the room. Let light in when you can.

Finally, find a good house cleaning crew. They will be worth their weight in gold, especially if they can take care of your dry cleaning and stock your home with cleaning supplies.

Remember clean house and clean clothes equals a clean mind. Now that you’re on the right track, best of luck, tiger! You’ve given yourself a fighting chance.