San Diego Designer Sparks Change For The Better

(San Diego, CA – Sept 5 , 2008) — San Diego Design firm On The Inside Design’s Jeanine Naviaux submitted a modernly earth-conscious design for an end table to the 2008 Spark Awards. Spark is a new and exciting international design competition created to promote new designs and designers from professional to novices. Seeking designers who offer change, Spark enticed Jeanine Naviaux, whose green approach to design has led to the formation of items such as the Beach End Table, her entry into the competition.

With a concern for beauty and sustainability, Naviaux shares many of the values central to Spark. The Beach End Table, made from recycled wood and eco-sustainable raffia cloth, is representative of a shift that environmentally-conscious designers are making toward greener methods of design. By utilizing materials that are durable and renewable such as bamboo in many of her designs, Naviaux is saving the planet one room at a time.

Naviaux may be going green, but that certainly doesn’t affect the quality of her cutting edge designs. With a modern touch and a geometric frame, the Beach End Table is both versatile in function and unique in form. Aptly named, as it was originally designed for a client’s beach home, the Beach End Table is perfect for any seaside location. The table was inspired by sleek and clean lines of a Bose Wave Radio, for which the table was designed to hold. It is covered with a thick glass top, keeping the understated raffia cloth safe from the many margaritas soon to come.

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